Print Your Way to Awesome: Coolest 3D Printing Creations!

With the democratization of 3D printing since 2009, the hobby has been widely adopted and created a thriving community behind it. If you have a 3D printer, you can make a lot of useful and fun things. Let’s explore some of the coolest 3D printing creations.

1. Folding 3D Bowl

This folding bowl is an amazing creation you can make and use as a centerpiece. With a central plate at the bottom and attachable petals, the bowl can be opened and closed with your fingers. As soon as you show it to your guests, it will spark interesting conversations and intrigue their curiosity. While the design isn’t free, it costs you less than a cup of coffee. You can print it with PLA filament after downloading the design from Cults3D.      

2. Quadcopter

Everyone loves drone footage and it has become a must-have for travel content creators. FPV(First-Person-View) Drone is the new trending tech in this industry and everyone can’t get enough of it. Unfortunately, they cost an absurd amount of money and are unaffordable for most people. 3D printing has your back and you can make your own FPV quadcopter at home. Moreover, the design is available for free at Thingverse. You just need to:

  • Print the necessary parts
  • Buy the motor, batteries, camera module, and other hardware
  • Assemble your drone by following the given instructions

3. Measuring Cube

You may have a drawer full of measuring spoons that are used for baking, cooking or even brewing a cup of coffee. 3D printing allows you to get rid of clutter and have a more efficient solution at hand. You can get it from Thingverse for free. The small cube lets you measure everything from ¼ tablespoon to 1-½ tablespoon while the large cube offers cup measurements. Most common 3D printing filaments are food-safe and you shouldn’t have any problems reading the text on the cubes either.

4. Self Watering Planter

Everyone likes to add greenery to their home with planters. Plants add life to your home office and let you create and make it more beautiful. However, keeping them alive requires you to follow a strict routine. They need to be watered at the right time so that they can get the nutrients they need without oversaturating the soil.

Thankfully, the self-watering planter is here to save the day. It has two components – a pot and a reservoir. The roots of your plant stick out of the holes at the bottom of the pot and are submerged in the water of the reservoir. They soak up as much water as they need and keep your plant healthy. You just need to fill the reservoir every few days without worrying about a watering schedule.

5. Geometric Cat Wall Art

You don’t need to be limited to nifty gadgets and useful tools with 3D printing. You can also create beautiful art to decorate your room. Meet the geometric cat wall art by designer Geric Cdge. You need to print exactly 106 pieces for this wall art and a paper mask of the same scale to add color. With the right accent lighting, this wall art looks way cooler than the mediocre pieces of art you buy from Amazon.

The world of 3D printing is expansive and has a rich community of designers, engineers, and makers who constantly make it better. You can try out these 3D printing ideas or check out thousands of other designs from Thingiverse, Cults3D, YouMagine, and other such platforms.

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