Take a Closer Look at Microsoft’s Bing Image Creator

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Have you heard about Bing Image Creator, Microsoft’s recently launched tool?  What purpose does this tool serve?  Are there any drawbacks? Such questions are only likely to hover in your mind.

So, here is the image creator tool from Microsoft. Take a closer look at this tool to know what it is all about.

What is Bing’s image generator?

Microsoft has recently launched the Bing photo generator, which is highly creative and innovative and comes with AI technology. The newest software can be accessed only on Microsoft Bing for market users in the initial stage. Later, it is likely to be incorporated into Microsoft Edge to rev up accessibility and UX. Here are the features:

Powered by Open AI’s Dalle-E 2 technology, the image creator tool allows users to produce clear images based on natural language descriptions. Moreover, it also provides various other contexts like activity, location, style, and art that can be incorporated for generating images automatically. Based on Bing’s AI image generator prompt, the tool will create endless images that reflect innovation.

How to use the tool?

Bing image-creating tool is all set to be another mind-blowing AI platform that helps you to create images based on the words you type related to the creation. Backed up with millions of images, the Bing photo generator follows your prompts and commands to create images as you desire. From cyberpunks to cartoons, anime, and various hyper-realistic images, you can get it all as soon as you enter your prompt. Read on to know how you can put this tool to good use:

1. Move to Bing AI image generator

You need to switch to Image Creator by typing the term in a search engine or simply typing “bing.com/create” to open the Ai image generator. Thereafter, you need to tap or click on “Join & Create” to log on to your Microsoft account and the tool will be open. You will come across hundreds of images to take a glimpse at the styles and kinds of images it generates. Just hover across the page to learn more about the image generation prompt. Once you decide to move to this tool, you can unmask misconceptions surrounding Artificial Intelligence.

2. Insert your prompts

You need to enter your prompts in the text box above and make sure to create a detailed prompt for exactly what you will need. Once you insert the words, click on the “Create” button and watch the Bing AI image creator produce images. If you are not aware of how to create exact prompts, you can also click on the button “Surprise Me” and a prompt in the text box. Each account gets about one hundred credits to offer images for free and beyond that you need to pay to create the images.

3. Previewing the image

It is clear now that as soon as you enter the words inside the box, Bing will come out with the image as soon as you enter the words in the text box. You need to devote sometime of yours to get a glimpse of the preliminary images that are AI-generated and continue with all those that keep showing up in the specific column. Don’t skip checking the information associated with the images as it will help you understand the formatting, size, and the process of generation of the images. For logos, you need to adhere to Bing AI logo creator and check the quality of them before you start downloading. 

4. Work with the images

Are you satisfied with the images created on this tool? If you think you can work with those AI-based images, try to download them and save as many of them as you want. The good thing is that you can also personalize the images on the Microsoft Design page and make the most of them.

Is Bing image creating tool going to be of much help? There is no denying that the reciprocal and alluring images that this tool creates are going to excite users more than the instructive information that texts reveal. Try to learn more about it in-depth to understand its merits and demerits appropriately and decide how you want to design your content.

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