5 Must-Haves for App Marketing to Engage and Retain Users

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Have you recently developed an app? Regardless of how profitable or feature-rich it is, you need to market the app dedicatedly to ensure that users continue to love it. The first step is acquiring users and the second step is ensuring that they stay and it’s no easy task. With apps losing over 75% of users within the first three days of installation, engaging them for the life cycle of your app is going to be a tough nut to crack. From propelling the prospects to download your app to turn them into regular users, there is a long way to go. So, listed below are the must-have app marketing strategies that contribute to your success.

5 must-have apps to engage and retain users

1. Creating a landing page for your app’s website

To introduce your app to the world, you need to create an effective landing page first. Wondering why? Well, the landing page will let your users gain knowledge about the app and its feasibility on desktop or mobile. When setting up the landing page of your app, you must offer an accurate picture of what they are likely to visualize soon after installing the app. Therefore, you must include videos or screenshots of your app in function, links to your app on Google PlayStore or App Store, and a clear CTA.

2. Research your target group

App marketing needs to begin with who you are designing the app for. If you do not know who is to benefit from the app, you won’t be able to create strategies for marketing. So, start with demographics and get information about the lifestyle, buying behavior, age, and recreational habits, or any other factor for that matter that will help you understand who you are targeting to engage for your app. Things like the app are designed for everyone won’t get you many audiences. An app that is popular for senior groups won’t be of any use to college students.

3. Know your competitors

You should not miss what your competitors are up to if you are keen to know what may work for your target group. If you are planning to create an app that one of your competitors has already marketed with failed strategies, think again. Knowing the market is not just addressing the audience base but judging the competitors to enhance the chances of success.

4. Do  not delay marketing

Are you planning to implement the marketing strategies after the availability of the app? Based on how confident you are feeling about the app, you can begin when it is still in the development stage. Try releasing behind-the-scene activities or video development profiles to get a glimpse of how customers are engaging with your app. As the launch date of the app comes closer, you need to rev up the efforts with trailers and teasers.

5. Social media

When marketing your app, you must leverage social media and post regularly on different platforms. On average, users spend over two hours on social media platforms. Therefore, do not waste the chance of building a community to get feedback from users.

How are you planning to incentivize customers to download your app? Use the best marketing strategies to acquire new users and engage them so that they stick to your app throughout its life cycle.

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