5 Massive Impacts of VR and AR on Society

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VR(Virtual Reality) is often associated with gaming and AR(Augmented Reality) reminds people of Google Glass and its failures. However, AR and VR technology is progressing rapidly and may penetrate every aspect of modern life within the next decade. Let’s check out five massive impacts of AR and VR on society.

1.  Healthcare

During the COVID lockdowns, AR and VR helped doctors and other medical professionals to provide more accurate remote consultations and diagnoses to their patients. That trend didn’t die and even healthcare professionals are using this technology to train interns.

AR apps with high-end AR headsets enable surgeons to practice on 3D visualized models with high accuracy. This has the potential to reduce complications and may increase patient safety. When integrated with real-time data from instant ultrasound, X-ray scans, and other sensors, AR apps can use that to highlight abnormalities during the surgery.

2.  Education

AR and VR are also revolutionizing education. Teachers can provide more contexts to their students during lessons. This can turn disinterested students into enthusiastic learners since it provides audio and visual stimulation in the 3D space. You would be more interested in the properties of a sphere when your teacher can draw a circle in the air and extend it in the 3D space to add volume.

3.  Design

Most people don’t associate design as a vital aspect of society. But the importance of design can’t be understated and it directly shapes society in many ways. From new homes to brand-new autonomous cars, AR and VR can help designers and engineers to bring their vision to life with more accurate, efficient, and functional designs.

UX designers would be able to create completely new environments with the help of VR and bring virtual objects into the physical realm with AR. On the other hand, architects won’t need to restrict their 3D renders to their computers. Presenting and communicating ideas to clients becomes more effective. Construction issues can be spotted or corrected earlier in the pipeline before they eat up all the investment.

4.  Entertainment

You have been eagerly waiting to buy tickets for that exciting NFL game. Unfortunately, you weren’t quick enough. With AR and VR, you don’t have to brood throughout the day. Missing the live match may be a better experience when you wear your VR headset and watch the match from the point-of-view of the quarterback. AR glasses may enhance your movie theater experience to the next level. Gaming has already been revolutionized by VR and AR headsets. Movies, TV, and Sports would catch up eventually.

5.  Relationships

AR and VR would also bridge the gap in long-distance relationships. Meta and Apple are able to create virtual avatars with the existing technology. In a few years, better 3D mapping and scanning technology may allow you to visit Paris with your loved ones while both of you are on different continents. Birthdays and anniversaries won’t be missed when AR and VR allow you to be anywhere with anyone at any time.

AR and VR tech is at a nascent stage and most people see it as tools for entertainment. However, as the tech develops at a rapid pace in the coming years, it would leave massive impacts that ripple through everyday life and society.

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