Top 10 eCommerce Website Design Tips To Reach More Customers

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Nowadays, eCommerce website design is preeminent around the entire digital marketplace. We all heard, Website Design gives better customer experience, and leads to more sales.

Basically, a website design reflects the first introduction to the customer on behalf of your business. Years Ago, eCommerce website design used to be very hard.

Yes, it’s true, but now it is no longer true! Currently, Lack of Right tools can make it complicated to run an eCommerce website. Among all tools, Website design stand-out at top priority.

The prime reason is eCommerce websites are to attract customers to make purchases. And nothing can be more powerful than a website design to entice customers.

Do you know 80% of the audience’s purchasing decision relies on Website design? If they find it attractive, the 50% chance of purchase already increases. Apart from that, the audience also visualizes your company’s credibility via website design.

This is how a Website Design affects your eCommerce business growth! Now, tell me what you think about your Website Design?

Is it enough to attract maximum visitors? If you are wandering in doubt, don’t worry!

Today, I am going to share Top 10 eCommerce website design Tips. I assure you these tips will help to drive maximum traffic on your eCommerce website.

So, here we go!

Top 10 E-Commerce Website Design Tips to Drive maximum Traffic

I assure all tips are easy to Implement, and deliver productive outcomes. Thereby, these tips are surely worth trying.

You must try any or all, and analyze how it works. Let’s have a look!

1. In-depth E-Commerce Design Research

Ahead of jump into the eCommerce world, must focus on eCommerce design strategies. As we see, Marketing trends are highly evolving today. Accordingly, you perform research on varied design techniques. Suppose, you are running a local eCommerce store, so it states you have to focus on taste & preference of local natives. Contrarily, if you are into global business, you must target a global audience.

In-depth E-Commerce Design Research Most importantly, you must ask a few questions from yourself before proceeding. The questions like what your customers want from you? And how effectively can you serve them?

2. Simplicity is Essence

A Simple, and easy to access website is a demand of the audience. Every individual doesn’t prefer fancy designs. Rather, most like simple and elegant designed websites. Where, they can easily shop their favorite products. Therefore, it is suggested to keep a simple and clear website.

Have you any doubt in maintained simplicity?

You can explore the top-rated eCommerce website, and your competitor’s website. By visiting here, observe how they organize their website. Subsequently, tried your best to adopt and create something more impressive from them.

You always Remember, “The easier for someone to shop with you, the easier it is to achieve success for you.”

3. Design it Mobile-friendly

Incorporating Mobile-friendly functionality is must for eCommerce website design. A mobile-friendly website states perfect organization of content and easy navigation on smartphones. A large portion of users are highly scrolling the Internet on their smartphones.

At that point, Can you tolerate the absence of your website on mobile phones?

Well, No one can even tolerate it! If anyone does, “he/she is leaving money on the table.” Thenceforth, you must keep your website mobile-friendly. It is a core key to attracting high traffic. A mobile-friendly website can welcome global users, and connect with them.

4. Add-On Eye-catchy Images

Addition of Eye-catchy Images helps to attractively display your products. Do you know Images have high power to speak for your brand voice? An eCommerce website must place high-resolution and focused Images. You can take multiple shots of one product, and develop a slideshow for astonishing display. Sometimes, the audience wants to see the products in different actions. In such away, you can make your presentation more attractive. You must remember your eCommerce store should work around your Images.

5. Always Remember User’s Point

User is the only thing you remember around which your eCommerce store revolves. You always tried to deliver the best user experience, so they came back. Do you know Building an eCommerce store around customers is the fastest way to grab their attention?

The reason is it states how easy the platform is, delivers great products, and utilizes a smooth interface, and many more. As much as your website engages with your user, the more he trusts your brand. You can also boost your engagement via social media, surveys, and feedback. So far, always consider the user’s point while designing the website.

6. Always Honest About Pricing Structure

Cheap Tricks don’t pull success on your eCommerce store. Every customer wants to know the exact price they will have to pay. Sometimes, customers find some hidden charges at check-out.

Do you know it is really a disappointing thing? Even though, personally I can’t even visit that store again. The one more thing that always demands reasonable prices. A price beyond the customer’s expectation loses their interest. Thenceforth, you always be attention and honest about pricing structure.

7. Use Informative Content

Content holds a big share in website design. An informative, and useful product description helps customers to easily make purchase decisions. Every customer wants to know about the product they are going to purchase. At that point, Content comes forward to strengthen their purchase decision. Thus, you always consider your website content to be precise, and informative for users.

8. Don’t Neglect SEO Practices

Generally, SEO does not put high focus in the eCommerce website design. It is a way to boost your eCommerce website on top searches. As a result, your website gets more views, exposure, and wider reach.

Don’t Neglect SEO Practices Well, SEO only works well with the usage of relevant keywords, and smart product descriptions.

Therefore, one must always consider SEO Practices too, while designing an eCommerce website.

9. Always Focus your Best Products in Center, and Front

The top-rated products of your eCommerce store should be highlighted in the center always. Either, these are high sell products, high reviewed products or highly productive products.

You always strive to highlight them with contrasting colors, tweak the size, and layout of the product. However, whenever your customer firstly notices your highlighted products. Do you know what will happen? As a result, it will boost your credibility in their eyeballs. And even convince them to explore your more products.

10. Make Use of Pop Up Sign-Up Form

A pop-up signup sheet is offering something in return of signup. It will show a productive impact on your website reach. Do you know why most eCommerce websites use pop-up signup sheets?

It plays a crucial role in re-marketing. Re-marketing is important for every eCommerce website. Do you know why? Several users just perform initial search for finding price, or availability. In the meantime, these pop-up signup forms collect emails of users. After that, use it as an opportunity to remarket their products to them. Suppose, you will get a quick email at an accurate time, and I am sure you will go to the shop. Similarly, most eCommerce websites do to boost their reach.


To be concluded, a well-designed eCommerce website could enhance your business worldwide. We just present here some helpful tips that you can list-out. I am sure; these tips will assist you in finding success in your space. Don’t forget to use these key 10 eCommerce website design tips, it will work as a magical trick to reach maximum traffic.

As you grow, make sure you are not forgetting to focus on your website. The reason is if a good website design reaps success; similarly a bad website design also reaps failure for you. So, it is suggested to always focus on your eCommerce website design. So, Let’s Proceed Now!

It’s Time to take your eCommerce store to the biggest level!

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