5 Must-Have Tech Gears For Students

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As a student, you don’t get a lot of time between classes, your part-time job, and extracurricular activities. However, you must acquire a few gadgets to streamline your workflow and enhance productivity. Here’s a helpful list of tech gear that can help you through your academic life.

1. Portable Storage Drive

Most modern laptops come with limited storage that can easily get filled up with video lectures, documents, images, and your personal music collection. That’s why an external hard drive can be a lifesaver. As a student, a portable storage drive is indispensable throughout your semesters. It’s a smart and useful gadget that helps you collect all your work in a secure place and provides you with an easy way to transfer large files on the go. If you don’t want to carry that bulk, get a microSD card with a card reader and plug it into your laptop.

2. Noise-Canceling Headphones

The traditional classroom environment can be quite noisy for sensitive students. Noise fluctuations and sharp tones can be quite annoying for those with sensitive ears. That’s where noise-canceling headphones can help. Turning on the noise canceling feature can block out most of those noises while you pay attention to the class in peace. Even if you aren’t sensitive to loud noises, you can use these headphones when you’re trying to concentrate on your subject at the dorm or the library.

3. Silicone keyboard cover

When you work on your laptop for hours, it’s tempting to munch on snacks to satisfy your cravings and limit stress. Unfortunately, food particles may get on your laptop’s keyboard and make it grimy. You can protect your keyboard during those late-night study sessions by adding a silicone keyboard cover. These covers are slim and almost unrecognizable from the actual keyboard. You can even wash them under the tap after they get greasy. Since these covers are available in so many color options, it allows you to customize your laptop as well.

4. Heavy-duty alarm clock

Putting yourself through college can be expensive. You’ll be paying off your student debt years into your professional career. That’s why you don’t want to sleep through the lectures. Each lecture you sleep through is hundreds or thousands of dollars wasted. If you are a heavy sleeper or just want to wake up on time, invest in a heavy-duty alarm clock. Make sure that the clock is made from durable and light materials that don’t get damaged when thrown. If you are really looking to punish yourself, get an alarm clock with a complex mechanism. That way, you won’t be able to snooze it down with a tap.

5. Apple Air tags

As a broke student, your possessions are precious and have a high replacement cost. That’s why you must not let them get stolen or have a way of tracking them at all times. An Apple Airtag is the perfect tech accessory to get the job done. If you’re on Android, you can use Tile or any other location tagger.

From location-tracking devices to portable storage solutions, these gadgets can help you stay more focused and productive. They don’t just help to make your time in academia easier but add to your quality of life. 

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