Innovative Gadgets Travelers Should Have In Their Backpack

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You can’t imagine traveling without your smartphone, smartwatch, tablet, and power bank. However, frequent travelers should add a few more gadgets to the list for added comfort and convenience. Let’s check out some innovative gadgets every traveler should pack for their next trip.

1. AirTags

Like any other traveler, you must have experienced the shenanigans of airlines and airports. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, around 1.5 million bags were lost, damaged, or late in the first half of 2022. You don’t need to add to the statistic on your next adventure. Add an AirTag or a Tile Pro to your checked baggage and track it in real time. The AirTag works marvelously with the iPhone’s Find My app. If you are on Android, get the Tile Pro and track your baggage with the Tile app.

2. Universal Travel Adapter

If you like to visit exotic and tropical destinations and have a lot of international destinations on your itinerary, add a universal travel adapter to your list of travel gadgets. A universal travel adapter lets you plug into the power sockets in any country. Make sure to buy a high-quality power adapter that has features like surge protection and a few USB ports with high output wattage. That way you can safely charge all your electronics at the same time.

3. Travel Blanket

Travel blankets are exactly what they sound like. These blankets are made from a specialized fabric that is soft and manages to provide enough insulation for long and cold flights or cheap hostels. These blankets are packed into a very small size and fit inside a bag. When packed and compressed into a small form, they also act as a convenient pillow. Don’t skimp out on a travel pillow. Choose one that dries easily and doesn’t trap odors. 

4. Lifestraw Water Filter Bottle

As long as you are traveling within the domain of civilization, you will have access to basic necessities like water. Even if the tap water isn’t drinkable, you can always buy bottled water. However, in the wild, you are on your own, and water from the local river or lake may be unfit for consumption. That’s where the Lifestraw water filter comes in. It removes silt, sand, chlorine, microplastics, parasites, and bacteria from the water. Moreover, for every Lifestraw water filter you buy, a child from an underdeveloped country receives safe drinking water for the entire year.

5. Noise-Canceling Headphone

Whether you are walking in a crowded tourist location or want to shut down airplane noise, noise-canceling headphones are indispensable. Regular headphones can drown out most of the background noise by making a good seal over or on your ear. Noise-canceling headphones go a step beyond that.

They record the external noise to create opposite sound waves inside your ear and cancel it out. That’s why good noise-canceling headphones don’t come cheap. If you are hooked to the Apple ecosystem, get the AirPods Pro or Max. For Android Users, the Sony WH-1000XM5 and the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds 2 are great alternatives.  

Depending on your needs and the gadgets you currently own, you may need to buy some or all of these pieces of tech. Make sure that you don’t blow out your budget and run multiple scenarios in your mind where you can imagine using them. They should improve your travel experience significantly to qualify as an option. 

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