5 Amazing Tips to Click the ‘Perfect Shot’ With Your Smartphone

Are you fond of the latest social media photography trends? Do you think of clicking phenomenal shots with your smartphone? Are you looking for a guide to help you? Your problems end here. I have brought an amazing guide that will help you take killer pictures every time you open the camera. Your smartphone may not be equal to a DSLR but the pictures you click are no less. Beautiful sunsets, moonlit skies, starry evenings, anything and everything will become more beautiful when you capture them like a professional.

Here are some of my professional tips to master photography and who knows, one day you can have your photography page!

Guide to Click the Best Shots-

Take Multiple Clicks

It is not wrong to say that one of the many benefits of having a smartphone is the multiple photo shot feature. You can take as many clicks as you like. What this feature does, in the end, is give you a chance at clicking many good shots. You can edit and improve any of the shots that you like. And voila! Your best shot is ready!

Understand the Camera

It is important to understand what your camera can and cannot do. Take a look at the camera features. You will understand how it performs in the daylight and night light. Suppose, you want to take a sun-kissed photo. Truthfully, who doesn’t! Every social media platform is full of sun-kissed photos. Why should you get left behind? While taking the selfie, touch the screen to analyze how it adjusts to exposure to light. Try out this same experiment in the nightlight too. Once you know what the camera is capable of, your gallery will be picture-perfect!

Outdoors Are the Best Partner

We understand that you spent money on buying a smartphone. Let me make you face the truth. IT IS NOT A DSLR! Yes. Read that again. Do not expect to click perfect indoor shots with a smartphone. Instead, always try outdoors. Outdoor lights are great for a perfect photo. Lighting makes the mood, atmosphere, and tone of the photo right. So feed your cameras with Vitamin-D and snap!

Depend on Editing Tools

Editing tools are a savior! Not a doubt about that. Once you have taken the shot on the smartphone, run some nice edits on them. 

Stop! Remember my trick at this point. Do not overdo it! Yes, lots of editing will ruin the original charm of the photo. You don’t need an artificial photo! Advanced phone apps like Snapseed, Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, etc. are available to make editing easy.

Zooming is a No No!

Your camera will have the feature of digital zoom. Give that feature a rest! It makes your photo resolution poor and ruins the charm. No one will see a zoomed photo and give a love reaction on Instagram! So, at all costs avoid this feature. Instead, use optical zoom, a feature available in almost all smartphones. This does not harm the quality of your photo.

These are the 5 tips you can use to become a ‘social media’ photographer. But the best trick to apply here is PRACTISE! That’s right! Nothing beats a good-old-practice session. Work on your photography shortcomings and develop your strengths. In the end, your gallery will have photos that you love!

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