Buying a Gadget? Sort between Water Resistance Vs Water Proof Features

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water resistant phones

It’s 2024 and gadget lovers are at an all-time high. Do you also belong to the league of gizmo-struck people? If buying a smartphone or a smartwatch is on the cards, you must have already started analyzing their features.

However, there is one feature that often drives buyers crazy and that is sorting the differences between waterproof and water-resistant gadgets. This is primarily because most people are not exactly aware of what the differences are. What adds to their agony is when the manufacturers of these gadgets use both terms reciprocally.

Here is how you need to sort between water Resistance Vs water Proof phones when buying gadgets:

Waterproof mobiles

A waterproof mobile phone tolerates water ingress to the highest level and won’t let it get inside and damage the gadget. You may come across several brands trying to claim that the gadget is waterproof. However, instead of believing those claims blindly, you need to check the IP or Ingress Protection rating that will help you know whether the device is waterproof or not. A high IP rating phone allows you to take the perfect shot even under water.  

However, the device needs to be compatible with the parameters on which this rating is based. Most gadget manufacturers often just claim that the device is waterproof but when it is exposed to water for a long time, you can judge the authenticity of the claim. Unfortunately, no brand would allow you to dip the device in water before you buy, which is why you need to search for the best waterproof Android phones when buying a gadget.

Water-resistant mobiles

Water-resistant mobile phones can only tolerate mild exposure to water or any other liquid. During those exposures, water would not get inside them. That is how the best water-resistant Android phone becomes the favorite gadget for several users.

Check the marketing stunts

You have yet to buy the latest mobile phone and absorb the marketing stunts of several brands. No matter how appealing or convincing the advertisement, you need to keep the following things in mind:

  • Just because your smartphone comes with a waterproof level does not mean that you will expose the gadget for long hours or keep it submerged. At the same time, you must never carry the phone when going for swimming. That way, the phone might suffer from irreversible damage.
  • Don’t just discard a gadget just because it is termed water-resistant or feel excited about buying it. Even there are different stages of resistance that the gadget can tolerate. You need to check the manual thoroughly and it should mention the depth of water up to which you can use the device safely.
  • The smartphone you buy may not support your activities based on the manufacturer’s parameters in the mobile phone category.

Overall, the gadgets that are advertised as waterproof may not exist at all barring a few. Broadly speaking, those devices should be rated as water-resistant based on the parameters that come from the brand. So, it‘s easier to get the best budget water-resistant phone in the market today.

Wondering which gadget you need to buy? Whether you buy a water-resistant or waterproof mobile phone, you need to check the ratings of the device. Remember that a lot will depend on the usage of the phone. For instance, if you are someone who comes into contact with water more often than others, you have to get a gadget with the best ratings to safeguard it from water and prevent it from getting inside.

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