Tips and Tricks to Save the Battery of Your Smartphone

It’s true indeed that the tasks that modern smartphones perform are more demanding. To keep pace with the growing needs of customers, every feature has been designed to be more powerful. Unfortunately, lithium-ion batteries haven’t progressed that much. So, running apps, systems, and services may hit the battery life of your mobile phone badly.

If you don’t what your phone to die at the end of the day, here are the tricks and tips to save the battery of your mobile phone.

 Tips and tricks to save your Smartphone’s battery

1. Switch off the background apps

Several applications continue running in the background while you may think you have closed them long back. For instance, GPS-based services may strain battery life. For an iPhone, you can simply turn the apps off but for Android phones, you need to limit the ability to consume background power.

2. Turn off location

Are you on the go and keeping the location of your phone on all the time? Put it off to save battery life and repeal the permission of location for various apps that do not need it all the time. That way, you will prevent the apps from using the background service and save battery life.

3. Adjust the screen brightness

Smartphone screens are big and take away a major chunk of your battery life. You cannot turn the phone off to save battery, so control the screen’s brightness and bring it down. Try opening the pull-down screen to adjust the brightness. Apart from this, you can also disable auto brightness that adjusts based on the required needs. Although the feature works based on the perceived brightness, it may raise the brightness of the display unknowingly. Turn off the Adaptive Brightness switch to preserve the batteries.

4. Disable apps

There is a list of apps that consume maximum power based on background activities. A few of those apps like Netflix, Facebook, Snapchat, and Whatsapp Messenger may make your battery run dry. Apart from this, the weather app is another culprit that drains the battery of your smartphone. For apps that use maximum power, all you need is to disable their background activities. That way, you will save a lot of power in the background and prevent your battery from draining.

5. Change to the dark mode

Does your phone have an AMOLED screen? The easiest way to extend the battery life is by making the background dark. You can leverage the dark background in several ways. Choose a dark theme or wallpaper and enable dark mode on different apps.

6. Using airplane mode

When you drive or do not have a Bluetooth connection, it may be the right time to switch to Airplane mode to save power wastage. The airplane mode saves energy in places where there is little or no coverage at all.

7. Setting the screen time out

Remember that the longer the phone screen stays on, more is the battery life. You can prevent this by turning the phone’s screen off more quickly than it normally does to enhance the battery life.

There are numerous ways to save your smartphone’s battery. Here are a few tips and tricks you can implement to shut off power wastage and give a new life to the battery.

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