Best Resume Parser: What You Need to Know As a Recruiter 2024

best resume parser

The best resume parsers have become a lifeline for modern recruiters, saving them from manually evaluating hundreds of candidate resumes. Although large companies have many reasons to use this modern tool, the necessity to build a candidate pool remains the most significant reason. Besides this, making recruitment quick is another key reason that motivates recruiters to use resume parsing tools.

If you are also struggling with screening many candidate resumes and spending hours doing so, investing in CV parsing software is probably the best decision you must make ASAP. But before doing so, read the blog below to learn the meaning, working, benefits, factors to choose the right software and more!

What do we mean by a resume parsing system?

A resume parsing system is like an automated digital solution you can use to read multiple candidates’ resumes quickly and accurately. Imagine you have received hundreds of resumes during your job openings and have to find the perfect ones. So, instead of manually evaluating each resume, you can use the best resume parser to scan all resumes at once.

It will help you identify qualified candidates for your open role without much manual effort. Not only this, but the software will also use relevant resume data like qualifications, experience, and skills to rank resumes. It will not only help you conveniently review the best candidate profiles but will also enable you to compare them.

Most recruiters think that all the best resume parsers are costly. But that’s merely a misconception. This is because you can find many free resume parsers in the software market. Such parsers are best for small businesses with a limited budget.

How does the best resume parser work?

The best resume parser is a time saver, especially when you own a large business and receive hundreds of resumes from candidates. Here is how a general resume parsing system functions:

Document input and data extraction

As the best resume parser receives candidate resumes, it will automatically extract relevant data from those resumes. However, the resumes should be PDF, DOC, and other ATS-friendly formats.

Pattern recognition

In the second step, the resume parsing system divides or segments the extracted resume data into individual words or tokens. The software does this to recognize significant resume sections such as experience, certifications, skills, and contact details.

Data analysis

Once the best resume parser segments all information, it pulls out all relevant details from each section. Many top software use NLP technology to understand the text in resumes.

Data structuring

Now that the resume parsing tool has identified suitable candidates based on the keywords mentioned in their resumes, it will structure all the processed data into an organized format.

Ultimately, the automatic resume parser ranks the candidate with the maximum number of job-relevant keywords on the top for the recruiter to identify them. The recruiter then moves further in the hiring process with the top-ranked candidates.

How can you choose the best resume parser?

Choosing the best resume parser is not everyone’s cup of tea. A person should have basic technical and high-level recruiting knowledge to decide which parsing tool will be the best and which will not reap any benefits.

However, here are a few qualities you must look for in the top parsing software:


Almost all high-quality resume parsers provide accurate screening results. In other words, they extract resume data accurately and eliminate the scope of errors. Therefore, you must give preference to accuracy when choosing the best resume parser for your company.


The CV parser software you choose should be versatile and flexible. By this, we mean it should handle all resume formats, such as PDF and DOC. Such parsing software will prove more effective in the long run.


Your business will grow with time, and so will the need to hire more and more employees. In this case, your resume parsing system should help you process more resumes effectively. Whether using a free parser or a paid one, remember to invest in one that can scale with your business.


It is essential to check the resume parser’s integration capabilities before adopting it for your business. These capabilities will help ensure the software integrates easily with other HR systems and job boards. Moreover, it will help you make your hiring workflow more seamless.


You must not sideline your budget when choosing the best resume parser. The best thing for you would be to invest in budget-friendly software that only offers the features you need to streamline your resume parsing process in recruitment.

Positive reviews

Lastly, remember to check the software reviews. It will help you evaluate the user satisfaction rate and judge if the software is worth your investment. Besides this, taking a FREE software trial before making the final decision is also a good idea.

Which are the five best resume parsers in the market today?

Did you know? According to some estimates, the best resume parsers work faster than humans and replicate human accuracy at a rate of 95%. Although many resume parsers exist in the market, here are the five top ones: 

Pitch N Hire

Pitch N Hire is a powerful resume parsing software that also offers CRM capabilities to help recruiters streamline hiring and, at the same time, manage candidates effectively. 

You can use this platform as a centralized hub to screen resumes, store candidate profiles, track candidates throughout recruitment, generate interactive reports, and more. The best thing about this platform is that you can conveniently integrate it with many other tools and systems.


Other than resume parsing, TurboHire offers many more hiring features. This comprehensive hiring platform uses AI technology to help businesses streamline their hiring processes.

At its core, TurboHire offers a top-notch resume parsing feature you can use to parse a large volume of resumes efficiently. The best thing about this platform is that it can handle many resume formats, such as PDFs, Word files, and other popular formats.

Hire EZ

This software was formerly called Hiretual. It uses advanced AI and machine learning technologies to provide recruiters with meaningful insights into the hiring workflow. Not only this, but the software also enables recruiters to automate tedious hiring tasks, improve candidate experience, and hire quality candidates.

In short, you can use Hire EZ to develop a comprehensive candidate profile and make data-driven hiring decisions.

Clever Connect

Clever Connect is a French company that extends its services to offering businesses a hiring platform they can use to source, screen, and hire top talent. The software provides numerous features, including video interviews, resume processing, advanced candidate search, and more.

In addition, by providing recruiters with a list of predetermined questions related to the role, Clever Connect also assists recruiters in candidate assessments. 


RChilli is a cloud-based best resume parser that uses intelligent algorithms and NLP techniques to extract and convert resume data into a standardized format. Like Pitch N Hire ATS, RChili offers a FREE software trial to help its clients better understand the software.

Moreover, the company offers customizable plans named Standard Incubator Program and Enterprise.

Final thoughts

Choosing the best resume parser depends on the business’s specific hiring needs. While many software in the market offer robust resume parsing features, the ideal choice varies based on other factors like integration, flexibility, cost, scalability, and more.

Ultimately, the best resume parsing tool will be the one that helps you satisfy your specific needs. And as discussed in the blog above, Pitch N Hire ATS is the best in this regard. So, do not forget to book a FREE software demo of this high-end software to learn more about it!

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