Most In-Demand Programming Languages to Master in 2024

When you’re new to coding, things can be a bit overwhelming. There are several programming languages with each community championing their favorite. While a programmer needs mastery over several coding languages, the start line may seem a bit murky to beginners. Let’s clear the air of confusion, shall we?

The ultimate list of coding languages you need to master in 2024:

1. Python

Nothing beats Python when it comes to simplicity. That’s why beginners are often recommended Python for its user friendliness. Just because it’s simple doesn’t make it any less powerful. Popular Python frameworks like Flask, Django, and Pyramid power some of the most downloaded apps and highly used services. For instance, Instagram and Mozilla Firefox are both powered by Django. Moreover, learning Python opens up several career opportunities including data science, web development, machine learning, scripting, and more.

2. Javascript

Looking to throw a challenge to your web developer friend? Just ask them to work on a project without Javascript. It is a quintessential language for web apps and has been ranking consistently as the most popular language among developers for over a decade. Moreover, most websites would have a boring front-end without Javascript. Popular sites like Twitter, Gmail, and YouTube all rely on Javascript to display content dynamically to its users. Learning Javascript can help you switch careers to web development, UX design, design lead, and more.

3. Kotlin

Unlike the two other languages, Kotlin is a very modern one. That’s why it has an edge over traditional options like Java. It is more precise and safer since it doesn’t allow mistakes from design changes. It is the preferred language for building Android apps and can make day-to-day development faster. When you use the language correctly, you can reduce lines of code by a significant amount and make apps faster and lighter. That’s why Kotlin developers often report a higher sense of satisfaction.

4. Rust 

Similar to Kotlin, Rust is a new programming language that has enjoyed adoration and quick adoption from developers. That’s because Rust solves several annoying pain points brought by other programming languages. It is one of the best languages that provides you with everything you need for crafting today’s architecture. The language was developed by Mozilla and their development team ensures that older code remains compatible with newer updates. As a Rust developer, you won’t have any issues maintaining your codebase.

5. Go

Go is an incredible language that was developed by Google. It has all the functionalities of C and C++ without any of the lengthy syntax. Since it’s a low-level language, it comes with a steep learning curve. Unlike the other languages in this list, it requires hardcore programming skills. The language is incredibly useful for making machine-learning packages and data pipelines. As an open-source language, it isn’t shackled by Google either.

As a beginner, you have a lot of options to explore. It’s best to choose coding languages that fit the type of software development you are interested in. If you’re a professional web developer or coder, choose a language that helps you make the career switch you are looking to achieve.

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