Become a Pro Project Manager with the Best Team Management Apps

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Are you a Team manager facing difficulty in managing your team members easily? We have a solution for all your troubles. There are many team management apps available in the market that makes your job much simpler and swifter. In today’s fast-paced working styles, it is difficult to manually manage everything on your own. More so, if your company is client-based, seeking approval from them after the completion of each step, is a Herculean task! But with the help of these apps, you can efficiently manage all criteria of the project without making any errors!

Want to know more about the best team management apps that help you efficiently with task tracking, scheduling, and other complementary programs? Read on below!

When the name has teamwork in it, you can imagine how easy it will be for you to manage your team with it! The main focus of this app is to allow multiple team members to access and work on a single project without any fuss or roadblocks. The free version of this app is made for small or individual groups, that has basic task management and messaging functions. You can also set milestones for your team members in each project. 

This app is extremely user-friendly. It can get set up without having to bang your head on the wall! You can easily integrate this app with Slack and QuickBooks too. Collaboration of each team member with the other on a single project will be much easier and smoother. They can connect to anyone easily, without having to get up from their seat. As a project manager, you can also ‘view’ how far along the project is and keep the clients updated.

This app has made it easy for most Project managers and now it’s your turn to gain from it. The interface is simple at the first glance but it encompasses many great features within it. As you use this app more and more, you will be able to benefit from its numerous splendid features of it.

Everyone from your team can get attached to this app easily and they will be able to view every minute detail of the project they are working on. Not only can you view what’s going on in your department but project management of different departments is also possible through this app. Sometimes more than one department gets involved in handling the project. To not make your project an example of ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’ use this app the right way.

If your team has remote workers, the time tracker installed in this software will help you know who’s doing what during billable hours. And every detail input gets recorded for future uses.


This app can get used in any kind of industry-efficient way. You can track each second of your team members’ work hours, delegate tasks through the add, edit, and delete options and store all data related to the project on your computer. You can prioritize and update tasks easily according to the need. It will help you in contacting any team member easily and without getting up from your seat. All you have to do is send in a text and the job is done!

Choose any of our top recommendations for managing your team and face no more weekday blues!

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