5 Essential Open Source Software for Businesses

In the 1990s, it began as a software philosophy, but today, the majority of the internet relies on open-source software, and a vast number of servers operate on open-source operating systems. While many people initially connect open source with ‘free,’ its advantages extend far beyond. Since any developer can access and examine the source code, it offers enhanced security and facilitates swift development. Consequently, numerous businesses are transitioning to open-source software not only to bolster their security but also to avoid costly licensing fees.

Check out these vital open-source software for businesses:

1. Linux

Windows is the dominant operating system across the planet. Microsoft even made the operating system free for pirates by announcing that all Windows 7 and 8 users are eligible for a free Windows 10 upgrade. They continued this gesture with Windows 11 as well. However, businesses need to pay a retail license for the OS and it costs hundreds of dollars. That’s why a lot of businesses use different versions of Linux, an open-source operating system. It isn’t just free, but highly flexible with different components that can be easily upgraded and replaced.

2. LibreOffice

Google Workspace has been free for a long while. Microsoft also made the online version of Office free for everyone. However, most of these are cloud services with shoddy records of privacy and security. Enterprises often have sensitive documents that aren’t meant for outside the organization from business strategies and competitor analysis to new product designs and balance sheets. That’s why a lot of enterprises switch to LibreOffice which has all the office apps you may need along with templates. It even supports Microsoft files. 

3. Mozilla Firefox

Are you tired of Google Chrome and its hiccups? From privacy challenges to intense use of resources, Chrome is disliked for many reasons and people stick to it since they are hooked on Google services. Microsoft Edge, while more resource-efficient, still grapples with privacy challenges. It’s no surprise that Mozilla Firefox is the preferred web browser for numerous businesses.

Not only is it open-source, but it also offers faster performance, fewer privacy vulnerabilities compared to Chrome, and boasts extensive third-party extension support. Mozilla even facilitates a seamless transition for users looking to switch from Chrome or Edge to their browser.

4. Rocket.Chat

A business stays profitable and efficient as long as there’s effective and snappy communication between the team. It’s also important to keep the information secure as sensitive data travels across employees in the businesses. If you’re looking for reliable and open-source communication software for your business, Rocket.Chat comes up as a viable option. It is available for free on Github, has excellent security features, and enjoys the support of over 30,000 developers. You can even tweak the software to fit the needs of your organization.

5. Odoo

Odoo is a platform that comes with all kinds of apps for your business. The business apps help you with accounting, point of sale, project management, CRM, eCommerce, HR management, and more. You need to pay a subscription fee to use all the modules of the enterprise version, you can also switch to the community version that is free and open-source.   

Switching to open-source software can save your organization few hundred to several thousand dollars in license and subscription fees. Plus, you can tweak and enhance the software to suit your needs and beef up your security. 

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