Exploring the Productivity Apps for a More Efficient Life

Do you think productivity is all about making money or doing more work? There is more to it than you know. For instance, productivity can also be associated with things that streamline your personal life. So, being more productive may also mean spending less time and energy on work and doing things that you love. That is how productivity apps come to help. There are plenty of ways in which these apps may improve your life or make it better. That way, you can take your weight off your shoulders.

Here are a few apps to make your life more efficient and address your needs better:


Hive is one of the best-known productivity apps available in the market right now. You can download it on your desktop or mobile phone to improve your efficiency throughout the day. From checking the to-do lists first thing in the morning to communicating with people in real-time, sharing files, or organizing schedules, you are always updated about the progress of your projects. Apart from the app, Hive also has desktop and web applications to enhance productivity levels. You can download it for free with a free trial for a fortnight.

Google Docs

Google Docs is another productivity-enhancing app through which you can share documents and collaborate with others in real time. You can save your time as working with this app does not require you to save or send files. Depending on the settings, you can easily share documents and files in and out of an organization. With this app, you can work from any location and help in reducing the chances of miscommunication.


Calendly is another of your favorite productivity apps through which you can schedule meetings without sending emails. Just register for an account and you will be directed to sync your calendar. Apart from scheduling, you can also adjust the availability of preferences with this app. All you need is to give the app’s link and let your team members choose the time slot they prefer.


Airtable is another online app that has been created based on a relational database. You can use this app all by yourself or with a group to manage and organize information. For instance, you can use this app to list the items that you want to sell in the auction and mention the details of each. Apart from this, it has templates to show you how to use it, be it for creating a product catalog or organizing a new job search.


ClickUp is an all-around app that comes with a user-friendly interface and offers a perfect solution to teams that believe in swift project management. With this app, you can create a suitable workflow with the latest methodologies. Furthermore, you can also view the tasks and project progress by using this app.


Need an app for quick communication and collaboration? Asana is one of the apps to make an impact. It is used for tracking ideas and tasks and also to manage your to-do list. You can use this app on your own or share the tasks and list with others.

Are you an expert when it comes to managing your day-to-day tasks? Adding the power of technology lets you manage time better and stay organized. Gone are the days of forgetfulness and enter the new time-conscious realm. Check these apps and enjoy the thrust to stay more productive.

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