Watch Out for These 5 Climate Tech Innovations in 2024

We always tend to focus on the negatives and the same holds for climate action. The slow pace of climate action despite warnings from global leaders and scientists is truly baffling. However, the fight against climate change has accelerated dramatically. Let’s check out how these tech innovations are reshaping our planet for the better. 

Tech solutions that help us fight climate change more efficiently:

1. Carbon dioxide-based fuel

CO2 is the main culprit behind climate change. It is the most abundant greenhouse gas that’s responsible for increasing global temperatures. Wouldn’t it be great to turn that CO2 into usable fuel? Researchers have crafted a new catalyst that makes the production of carbon dioxide-based fuel with electricity economically feasible.

On the other hand, engineers and researchers at Harvard and MIT have discovered a way to turn carbon dioxide into a solid fuel – formate. This new green fuel can be stored indefinitely and may act as a powerful source of power for industries and homes in the future.

2. Smart agriculture

Food production is a big contributor to climate change. Farming and livestock alone are responsible for around 10 to 17% of global carbon emissions. Thankfully, the latest tech innovations can reduce these emissions drastically. Smart agricultural technology empowers farmers to increase their yield with limited land, water, and fertilizer use.

These solutions include hydroponics, vertical farming, and other such technologies that bring the farm closer to urban spaces and reduce the amount of fuel that’s used for transportation. Plant-based meat has also advanced enough to provide a rich and meaty texture and flavor for wider adoption.

3. Fusion energy

Nations and big international organizations have invested a lot of resources to make fusion energy a reality. While scientists have already been successful in making fusion energy successfully, it is still a considerable distance away from commercial viability.

However, it seems like the technology is closer to commercial success than ever before as many private players have participated in the race. Some are even using compact tokamaks to heat hydrogen isotopes to hundreds of millions of degrees and squeeze that plasma till the atoms fuse and release energy.  

4. Smart transportation solutions

Electric vehicles aren’t hip and cool anymore. Even staunch climate-change deniers have no issues buying a new EV since they have low maintenance and operational costs while being faster than their ICE(Internal Combustion Engine) counterparts. Instead, the new climate tech trend seems to be smart transportation systems.  

These systems may be powered by power-efficient IoT(Internet of Things) devices in autonomous vehicles and traffic management systems. With real-time data and artificial intelligence, cities and roads can become safer with fewer traffic congestions.

5. Green hydrogen set to become more viable

Green hydrogen is the liquified hydrogen fuel extracted with the use of electricity generated from renewable energy. As renewables get cheaper and more research is poured into hydrogen fuel, it is set to become more viable. Moreover, governments are taking an interest in hydrogen as a clean transition fuel and are set to invest more in the infrastructure to support it.

As these advancements gain momentum, they offer promising pathways to combat climate change effectively. By adopting and furthering these technologies, we can collectively strive for a sustainable future and preserve our planet for the next generations and many more to come.

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