Empower Yourself with These Free AI Tools for Unleashing Your Maximum Potential

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Seems like AI is always the hottest trend in the tech landscape and with new AI tools being developed each day, keeping up seems like a challenging task. Before you pay a premium for ChatGPT and MidJourney, it’s best to check out a few free AI tools that can simplify your life. While free tools come with some limitations, they can aid you in your existing job, business, or side gig.

These free AI tools can help you spike your income and unlock your full potential:

1. Stable Diffusion Online

Stability.ai has several premium tools that can be accessed through your web browser for image and video generation. Want to access their state-of-the-art image generation for free? Well, they have an open source model for Stable Diffusion that can be downloaded to your system or accessed via Google Colab. Unfortunately, that’s too complicated for the average user and comes with a steep learning curve.

That’s where Stable Diffusion Online comes in. It’s a free tool created by BlackMagic and allows you to generate images on the cloud with plugins like Control Net and AI Art Generator. You can use the web UI from your computer browser or download their app on your phone to generate or modify images on the go. The images you generate can be used for social media posts, product pages, and other use scenarios.   

2. Krisp

Noise Cancellation is a neat technology, isn’t it? You put your airpods on and the loud cafe goes silent so that you have an easier time focusing on your work and enjoying your coffee. Unfortunately, you don’t get the same convenience during business meetings on a video call. While AirPods and other wireless earbuds try to cancel out some of the background noise that’s picked up by the mic, it isn’t a pleasant experience.

Krisp can change that with its revolutionary AI powered technology. You don’t need a fancy mic either. Even when you are using the inbuilt mic on your Windows laptop or Macbook, it can seamlessly eliminate background noise. Apart from that, this tool also eliminates echoes and presents you with a transcript at the end of the meeting.

3. Codeium

Codeium is developed by ExaFunction. It’s an AI assistant that can be used by both developers and the average Joe. You can use natural language comments( just prompt the AI bot) to generate code snippets or entire lines of code. With support for over 70 programming languages and integration with JetBrains, Emacs, Gitpod, and other popular IDEs, it fits into most use cases.  

For developers, it can auto complete your code based on context and comments. As a developer, you can become more productive with Codeium and get your tasks done in half the time. There’s also Codeium Chat that can explain code from other developers or even suggest bug fixes for your own.  Add these tools to your arsenal to make your life a bit easier. For individuals, all the above-mentioned tools are free with certain limitations. If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to use these tools for your business, consider the premium plans. It’s also important to always keep an eye out for newer and fancier AI tools that can help your work or aid you in your daily life.

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