4 Technologies That Can Change the Face of the World

Technology is improving at a swift rate and introducing innovations and projects every year. Scientists, Engineers, Designers and Developers are working on developing new technology at any given moment. Scientific progress has almost doubled in the past few decades and it is predicted to do the same in the coming future.

There are plenty of innovations that are being created right now which are so mind-boggling that people think of it as a fictional innovation. In this article we have picked some of the most interesting innovations created in the recent time:- 

Brain Reading Robots 

These robots have been a huge part of every fictional movie, however, they are no longer a dream. Brain Reading Robots comes from researchers at the Swiss Federation Institute of Technology Lausanne. Using its high-tech algorithm this robot can help tetraplegic (people who cannot move their upper or lower body) patients in interacting with the world. The patient is made to wear an EEG cap through which the brain signals are collected by the robot. The algorithm of the robot interprets the brain signals and then aids in doing the task the patient wanted. During the testing phase, these robots were able to move a glass with ease using its intricate algorithm.

3D Printed Bones

You may have heard of people 3D printing miniature sculptures, art, and even house keys!!

But do you know that using Science an organization has found a way to 3D print Bones? Ossiform is an organization that first takes an MRI of the patient. Then it creates a 3D model of the required implant. The surgeon makes sure it’s okay and then it is accepted and used in the surgery.

The use of Tricalcium Phosphate in making these bones has ensured that the affected area will become fully functioning.

Lab – Made Dairy Products

Ever thought about going vegan but couldn’t because your love for dairy products is huge. Well tons of biotech companies have developed a way in which they can replicate the properties of dairy-based products cell by cell. This invention can be a huge breakthrough in controlling the climate crisis as it is responsible for around 4 percent of the world’s carbon emissions. Some of these products have already been released in the US and it has gained a positive response from the public.

Hydrogen Planes

Carbon emissions are huge trouble as far as commercial flights are concerned but let us assure you that the solution requires a bit of funding. A UK Hydrogen-powered plane has been built that only travels on liquid hydrogen. It possesses the capacity to make 300 people travel without any glitches. Also, it has the travel capacity of almost going halfway through the world. If this project gets the sanction in 2022, we could very well see a zero-carbon flight make its first journey!

All of these technologies are getting built or have been in the last few years and possess the capacity to change the way works function. We can no longer separate high-grade technological advancement from our lives and why should we? It has and will make our complicated lives a lot easier!

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