Tips and Tricks to Get the Most Out of Your Android Smartphone

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Do you own an Android smartphone with a simple interface? Even though the interface of your phone looks simple, there are plenty of aspects that add to the layers of your phone’s functionality or things you may not be aware of. Have you wondered how much you actually know about your phone?

If you want to get the best performance from your Android phone, here is what you need to know:

Setting up the phone’s apps in Windows

Android users need not miss out on the features of Windows. So, if you want to begin setting up Windows on the desktop computer, you will be making calls, using photos, and sending texts as you want.

Installing apps from the web

Want to install apps on your smartphone and do not have the smartphone set in hand? Well, you can complete this task from the web itself. Just visit Google’s Play Store and install any app on your Android set remotely.

Change the speed of animation

Although the latest Android phones are seamless not many of the lower-end phones may be equally useful. Just change the animation scale of your phone’s window and wait to go great guns blazing.

Clearing app defaults

Don’t you feel annoyed when a link opens in an app and not in the browser? The link could be from the social media pages but it feels bad when you are waiting for the link to open but it opens a completely different thing.

Install apps from anywhere

One of the most important features of your Android phone is that you can use any app store to download apps on your smartphone. Don’t think the security of those apps has gone for a toss. There are worthy protections that come along with those apps.

Installing a launcher app

Installing a launcher app is one of the customizations you need to try on your Android phone, unlike the other features. You just need to install a third-party launcher from any app store for your needs.

Personalizing notification of messages

How would it be if you can prioritize the messages that you should get first and discard the rest? You will get those messages you want on the top of your mobile set as bubbles. Such bubbles may also appear even when you have set your phone on Do Not Disturb mode.

Enhance storage

Almost all mobile users look forward to beefing up the storage of their mobile phones. Not only does this make it easy to store media and apps but also allows users to transfer large files. The other benefit to avail is plugging in your Android phones to external USB storage and browsing the files. If you are yet to become familiar with these features, avail of them now and get the most out of your Android phone.

Tapping the power button to open the camera

This trick is rather easy. Most Android phones will let you use the camera by double-tapping the power button. You can also use volume keys to take the clicks. You can either tap on the volume keys or long-press on the volume keys to use the camera.

These tricks and tips will let you go a long way as an Android user. Check this site to know more of these tricks and tips to help you in dire situations.

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