How to Use Tech to Save Money: 10 Ways to Get More for Your Money

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Technology dominates every aspect of your life and the best pieces of tech can cost a fortune. The best phones would shave off four figures from your bank account high-end TVs can cost tens of thousands of dollars. However, you can also use inexpensive tech to save money. Here’s how:

1. Use intelligent plugs to save power

While your phone, lights and HVAC system have become more innovative and smart, your home is still full of dumb gadgets and devices. From dumb lamps and air conditioners to wired vacuum cleaners and more. You can turn all of them into smart gadgets and save power by using smart plugs. You don’t need an expert to install them either. Just plug them into the regular dumb plug and you’re good to go.

These smart plugs come with a companion app for your smartphone. Integrate those apps into intelligent home apps like Amazon Alexa and you can save tens or hundreds of dollars every month on your energy bill. For instance, you can program the smart plugs connected to your lamps to cut off power automatically in the morning. This doesn’t just save power but brings more automation and convenience to your home.

2. Don’t go to the gym

For fitness enthusiasts, a gym membership is indispensable. It provides the best fitness gadgets, machines and free weights so that you can do any exercise or routine. However, that’s not the case for most people. Most people sign up for a gym membership and end up not going there for most of the year. You can get a daily workout at home without any fancy equipment. However, if you’re lacking motivation, nifty gadgets can help you out.

For instance, VR headsets from Oculus and interactive accessories like the Ring Fit Adventure for your Nintendo Switch can get you moving. These pieces of tech can be used for games designed to get a good cardio session out of you. The Ring Fit Adventure lets you move characters in a game or progress through it by doing squeezes, squats, jumps and other such motions. Make it through a few levels and you’ll be out of breath. Despite the higher upfront costs, these gadgets help you save hundreds of dollars on gym membership in the long run.

3. Charge those dumb batteries

Lithium batteries have become the standard for most phones, laptops and automobiles. However, you still need to deal with annoying AA or AAA batteries for things like remotes, console controllers and numerous other things. Replacing those batteries can add up in the long run. You can get rid of that redundant task by buying a battery charger. They have slots for batteries and can be plugged into the wall.

Tech can be expensive. However, cheap tech gadgets like those mentioned above can also save you a lot of money. These savings may look small on their own. However, they can add up to let you buy a new phone at the end of the year. Even if you don’t care about the savings, the convenience brought by these nifty gadgets can genuinely improve your quality of life.

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