3 Cool Gadgets That You Can Gift Your Partner

Flowers and chocolates are so old school, why not think outside the box! If your partner is fond of new tech gadgets, isn’t it a good idea to give them something that they will love on their special Day? Some people think of tech gifts as ‘not-so-romantic’ but when they can use your gift all year through, believe us they will be more than thankful! Choosing the best tech-based gift for your special someone is hard but we are here to make it easy! We have selected the best tech gifts that you can gift your partner so that they fall in some ‘extra’ love with you!

Want to know which tech gadget would suit your partner the best? Read on!

DIY Electronics Kit

Don’t you want a gift that could bring both of you a little close on the day of love? Choosing this DIY Kit will be the ideal choice for you! They are built by different companies but Technology Will Save Us is a winning choice! You can spend some time with your partner building a new tech item by assembling all the pieces of this kit. Yes, both you and your partner can come up with something unique and use it to your benefit. These DIY Kits come with instruction guidelines so they will make the building process more fun! 


If your girlfriend/boyfriend is a music lover, get the synthesizer gift set from Technology Will Save Us; it is a bestseller DIY kit.

Fitbit Fitness Tracker

Has your partner started to be more ‘fitness conscious’ since the lockdown phase started? Gifting the Fitbit trackers then will be the ideal gift. Not to mention all the praises you will receive for being a ‘thoughtful’ partner! Fitbit has many models in different price ranges, so there is no limit on the number of products. You can choose any one that suits your partner and your ‘budget’ too! 


During special holidays, Fitbit offers great discounts on all its products. Instead of buying your gift a month ago or a month later, take advantage of the best deals during the holiday week.


Is your partner forgetful about most of their things? Do they keep missing their keys, wallet, etc? Why not gift them something that will take care of everything that their ‘forgetful heads’ miss? Well, there could not be a better choice than Tile. All your partner has to do is attach whatever thing they lose the most to Tile and they can easily ring it to find where it is. Amazing isn’t it? All it takes is a ring and its great Bluetooth range saves time in the best possible way. Since the device works in the Bluetooth range, you might think, what if the lost thing is not within the range? Will it be a waste of money? No! Your phone app will tell you where it was kept last, making your search party much simpler!

Your gift giving confusion gets sorted when you pick any of our awesome suggestions! Not only will these gadgets be of great use to your beloved, but also will make their lives a lot simpler.

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