4 Efficient Invoicing Solutions for Small Businesses

Small businesses function on invoices. Invoices help SMB’s to get their payments on time. These invoices include UPI links for ‘secure transactions’ from clients. To make the process simpler and more efficient, there are many free effective invoicing software available online. Professional invoicing becomes faster, smoother, and error-free with these softwares. You will find many softwares in the market at affordable quotes, so don’t worry!

Want to know about the best invoicing software available in the market?


This software works ‘free’ on Android systems and offers great features and different functionalities. Your business accounts will get managed easier when you have the aid of Vyapar. Along with the invoice maker, the software also allows you to manage inventory and billing processes. 


  • Making the creation of quotations, GST invoices, much easier. 
  • Sales orders can get tracked and purchased easily.
  • Many formats are available to make invoices customized.
  • Payable and receivable details can get maintained professionally with an efficient cash book system.
  • Delivery challans can also be created, etc.

Wave Accounting

This is the perfect choice for entrepreneurs starting with small business models. Payment and payroll management can get easier with the invoice automation feature. You can make customized invoices and share them with ease at a professional level.


  • Sales tax levied on income and expenses can get tracked easily.
  • Double-entry function feature available to get the right monetary statement.
  • You can now organize your company expenses in different categories of tax.
  • One single account can manage different businesses.

Zoho Invoice Generator

This free invoice software performs several other functions like creating timesheets, credit and recurring financial notes, proforma, etc. If you are looking for an all-in-one-performing invoice software, this is the ideal deal. Your invoices can also get created in several languages, there will be minimum boundaries with this software. 


  • Efficient time tracking and client portals are available.
  • The invoice system is completely automatic.
  • Your billing can get done in several currencies and languages.
  • There is a reminder set in the software that will make sure all payments are done.
  • Customization and many template galleries can be used.
  • You can set your own recurring invoices with ease.

My BillBook

This GST invoice software is cost-free and is useful in helping small businesses record and maintain all kinds of business transactions. From sales to purchases, everything can get done within one roof! With this great GST invoice software, you can also customize your business’s invoices with eWay bills, batch numbers, themes, etc.


  • There are item categories and stock adjusting systems to keep an efficient eye on maintaining the inventory.
  • Business transactions get recorded easily.
  • There is a system of payment reminders installed to get all client payments on time.
  • Your company logo can get shared with the ‘greeting logo’ feature.

When you use any of the above-mentioned invoice software, your small business will run smoother. It is not a joke to handle all important decisions of the business. These free invoice softwares will take care that everything ‘looks good’ in your business!

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