5 Stress Management Apps to ‘Healthify’ Your Life

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In our busy lives, it has now become very difficult to manage stress the right way. Every Monday to Friday has become an alarm clock for stress. You might find yourself dozing off at work or becoming irritated with your colleagues – well you have only stress to blame. Fortunately, there are some apps available in the market that can help you de-stress successfully. You will find yourself able to focus on your work and also not be ‘irritated’ now and then!

What are the Best Stress Management Apps That Will Help You Relieve Yourself?


This app comes with a lot of instructions and exercises that help people calm their breathing when stressed. Sometimes you might find yourself struggling to compose yourself during major stress events. In these difficult situations, you can take the help of this app. It will recommend many breathing exercises that will calm your mind down. The makers of this app were very serious about taking the ancient practice of ‘breathing’ that relaxes the body. Even doctors recommend this app to relax patients suffering from high blood pressure issues. So now all your stress issues have a great solution with Breathe2Relax.


This app helps people to practice deep breathing and other relaxation exercises smoothly. It is sometimes difficult for people to arrange their thoughts in stressful situations. In those cases, Pacifica will be of great use. If you are someone who faces muscle locks now and then due to underlying stress, try using this app, once a day. You can practice different forms of anti-anxiety experiments without actually visiting a ‘doctor’. With continuous use of this app, one can easily leave behind all previous anti-stress medications and practice a med-free, less stressful life. What can get better than this right?


Well, you can understand from the name of this app how ‘happy’ it can make your life. This app contains many happy doses of meditation activities that help you deal with anxiety and/or stress triggers. Life is difficult at times. In those moments Happify can become your best partner. Not only will it decrease all the negative emotions but will also foster positive ones that will make your mind full with good hormones.

Stress Doctor:

This app can combat all issues arriving in your daily life because of stress. This app contains many meditation exercises and also a monitor that will help you track your heart rate. Now, you will be able to see what real-time effects this app has on your body.

GPS for the Soul

This app is quite a hit in the market because of its user-friendly biofeedback. You can see the results of practicing the given meditation tools. In no way shall this app not help your stress triggers. It can be used any time of the day but mostly should be used before sleeping and after waking up.

With the aid of these stress management apps, your anxiety and other mood issues will find a solution. No more triggers, only a healthy lifestyle from now on!

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