8 Must-Have Android Apps for Smart Watches 

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Android Apps for Smart Watches

With over 3,800 Android wear apps available today, you have no reasons to miss your chances when it comes to buying one. The only hitch you may face is when picking the best among them. While the usefulness of these apps is a foregone conclusion, evading through a chunk of options might puzzle you at one point.

Here is how you need to pick the best app for smart watch to make it as powerful as you want it to be.
  1. Google Keep

  2. Smartwatches may not be as smart as you think when it comes to keeping notes. Use Google Keep for preparing lists, taking notes, or setting reminders for the day. Isn’t it amazing to get them all on your smartwatch? Choose this app if you prefer its functionality.

  3. Find My Phone

  4. You might find this one puzzling, especially in the beginning. How are you to use it on a wearable device? If you are the one to run around to find your phone often, this app is a revolutionary choice. Besides, it is of immense help when your phone is stolen. To be honest, you need to download this app if you are too much concerned about your phone’s safety. On top of it if you wear an Android smartwatch, Find My Phone is a must-have application to download.

  5. Wear Camera

  6. Wear Camera is among the tools you may need mandatorily when you need to use the smartphone’s camera often. If you are planning to sync the smartphone and the smartwatch, this app aids in distant viewing. Use this app to reach for areas that are otherwise hard to explore for surveillance issues.

  7. AccuWeather

  8. The AccuWeather app prevents you from stepping out of doors without preparation. Don’t want to get caught in wet weather or fear an impending snowstorm. What makes it useful is that it lets you get a glimpse of the day’s weather in one go.

  9. Feel the Wear

  10. Have you been visiting a Smartwatch app store recently but cannot find an app you need to pick?  With Feel the Wear, you can switch to a customized app and get notifications on the smartwatch. With this app, convert the texts to small vibrations with ease.

  11. Bring

  12. Bring is the best shopping list app to create, and share shopping lists from your smartwatch, or edit flexibly. There is a flurry of items you are sure to come across in this app and icons to which you can go on adding items with the voice transcription function of your smartwatch. Want to streamline shopping and make it easy? Choose this app and streamline your shopping operations.

  13. Get public transport easily with Citymapper

  14. Citymapper is among the must-have apps to choose from if you need to find public transport easily. Make sure the apps cover the city where you need to find transport. Get loads of information about cabs, trains, ferry services, buses, or the subway at your fingertips.

  15. Sleep as Android

  16. Want to count the hours for which you sleep? This could be the one you may choose if you have a hectic schedule to follow throughout the week. This one comes with a flurry of features that you do not get in other fitness devices.

Do you need apps to enhance the performance of your smartwatch? Read the reviews on The Technology Trendz and heighten your experience with the best free app for a smartwatch today.

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