Top 3 To-do-list Apps to Make You Manage Tasks Like a Pro

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There is no more harping about how important a to-do-list app is for all working and full-time students. Since there are ‘too’ many apps available in the market, it becomes difficult to choose the best one. But we have compiled for you the perfect to-do list that will help you in solving all your day-to-day affairs smoothly without any, ‘oops I forgot’ moments!

What are the Best To-do-list Apps For Easier Task Management?


This app can vouch for the fact that it works with great simplicity and power. It runs on almost all platforms like Android, iPhone, Web, macOS, etc. This factor makes it popular for all kinds of users looking for an efficient to-do-list app.

It encompasses natural language processing skills that make your job easier. You can now fit in your new tasks, dates, timings, etc. in whichever language you prefer. If you have bought the paid version of the app, custom labels and filters and other features can also get used by you.

The best part of this app is how it keeps evolving. You will find new features every time you update this app. Recently, they have introduced the Kanban board that helps to navigate this app smoother via desktops.


This app is fast growing and offers a lot of new features and advantages on almost all platforms that you can imagine. This has the space where you can add languages of your own choice. Also, you can input multiple tasks in multiple languages. A keyboard (universal) shortcut is available if you are using the desktop version of the app. In this version, you can get pinned widgets and notifications that make task adding and managing easier than ever before.

There’s also an inbuilt Pomodoro timer, that allows you to engage in a 25-minute working session with plenty of sound options. Next, there are integrated third-party calendars that allow you to view your tasks and work appointments in one place. Another great thing about this app is you can time block while performing any of the app functions. Lastly, an innovative habit tracking tool has also been installed recently in this app, that lets you see how many days or months you didn’t stick to your original to-do list.

Microsoft To Do

In 2015, Microsoft created this to-do list to make the lives of working professionals easier. Wunderlist collaborated with Microsoft on the project and you will find evidence of their expertise everywhere on this app. The interface of this to-do-list app is user-friendly and lets you add all your daily tasks without any roadblocks.

The fact that makes this app stand out among all others is its deep relation with the ecosystem of Microsoft. Users of Outlook can join their tasks from their application to Microsoft To-Do. This means now you can easily use Outlook= with your mobile too.

This app is also very soothing to the eye. There are several custom options available so whenever you look at your everyday list, it will be ‘pleasant on the eye’.

These are our best recommendations for the to-do-list apps available in the market. You can choose or buy anyone for your system and manage your tasks like a Pro.

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