How to Apply Creative Ways to Use Technology in the Classroom

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The presence of technology provides instant access to information. That is why modern-day classrooms need to have technology devices that benefit students and teachers alike. However, using different types of technology in the classroom is good as long as it accomplishes the learning objectives. Therefore, it is necessary to use technology that makes life easy for a teacher as well as a student. From improving communication between teachers and students to organizing lessons and presentations, you can leverage technology to create an enriched environment.

So, here is how to make a classroom tech compliant.

Way to use technology in classrooms creatively

Games and PowerPoint presentations

You can stick to PowerPoint presentations in classrooms and provide the opportunity for engagement. Along with the use of graphics and bullets, you can add links to videos to follow the ideas presented in PowerPoint. Several educational apps can be used for reviewing the lessons and also for participating in games. Many of these apps will determine if the students are keen to work independently or need to be assigned to teams.

Using videos for small lessons

Want to foster the lesson plans through videos? Several websites have relevant video content prepared by teachers. You just need to search the category to access a wide range of lessons and exam reviews. That way, you can add multimedia features to the lessons and make them more interesting for teachers. Research reveals that using videos impacts every child’s development positively and allows them to establish the area of their competence. Some students may excel in creativity while others may establish their skills in problem-solving.

Integrating social media

As students spend much of their time on social media, leveraging it for good reasons makes sense. Also, it will provide an opportunity for innovative approaches to using technology in the classroom. All you need is to use social media to connect students to various curriculums, resources for classrooms, and various other options. Apart from this, you may create a group on Facebook to post the discussions held on various topics or create an opportunity for students to ask questions.

Online grading systems

Communication is one of the key elements that help teachers, students, and parents to identify areas of strength and improvement. Using online grading systems facilitates the lines of communication where teachers may discuss the performance of students and post grades.

Visualization and interaction

Problem-solving skills bolster learning and promote interaction. With cross-platform tools, you can let the students enjoy animated concepts to bring them to life. Such tools help in creating solutions to explain the concepts that students study and share in the classroom. Apart from acting as teaching aids, these tools help in initiating the visual and musical senses to a great extent.

Playing podcasts

Playing podcasts is a surefire way to supplement the lessons and engage learners to enjoy the lessons. For lessons related to different strategies and techniques to curriculum-related topics, there are plenty of ways to design projects that allow students to create and play podcasts.

Using technology in classrooms is not just a rule you implement you need to find more creative and unique ways to make the lessons more enjoyable. More importantly, implementing technology for students in classrooms helps in keeping the students engaged and makes the job easy in the long run. Keep your eyes on The Tech Trendz to get the latest news and views on technology.

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