How To Upgrade Your Home Office For Comfort And Productivity

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We got Work From Home during the pandemic and its benefits were apparent to both employers and employees. No wonder most employees have a work-from-home setup. However, you may have felt that it’s lacking in many ways. Here’s how you can upgrade your home office to boost productivity and comfort.  

1. Thank your back with an ergonomic office chair

You have always slumped at your desk with a sore neck. After years of working at the desk, you have developed chronic back pain that used to be temporary when you were younger. No amount of massages, stretches, and yoga sessions seems to be the fix. There’s good news! It’s not you, it’s your chair.

Humans weren’t designed to be in the sitting position for most part of the day. While you may not have the option at your regular office, your WFH setup can be upgraded with a comfy ergonomic chair. Ergonomic chairs assist you in maintaining proper posture, provide adequate lumbar support, and help your arms hover right above the desk. These chairs help you avoid long-term medical issues and also increase your productivity.  

2. Get an adjustable monitor arm

You take good care of your eyes and have set up the monitor to match your eye level. That allows you to observe everything on the screen without straining your neck. However, that’s not enough. You may find yourself inching closer to the screen to read certain details or change its position to match yours throughout the day. 

An adjustable monitor harm can upgrade your home office experience and make screen adjustments hassle-free. Mount your monitor to an adjustable arm and use its telescopic features to move the screen with ease.    

3. Invest in the right desk

You have the luxury to invest in the right desk at your home office. Make it count and get one that fits your workflow while staying within your budget. Invest in a desk that is strong, adjustable, and has all the right features. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could switch between standings and sitting positions during work? If your budget allows for it, buy a desk that lets you change its height and has a built-in mechanism to pull it off as smoothly as possible.

You can also upgrade your desk by adding small accessories. For instance, if you use a lot of electronic devices and gadgets at your desk, attach a power strip under the desk. You can also make your workstation more organized and clean by drilling holes for cable management. A well-organized workstation keeps you free from distractions and helps you focus on your task.

4. Shift to a room with more natural light

You can add all the “warm” light bulbs in your home office and it wouldn’t compare to natural sunlight. While you want to avoid working in dim and dark spaces, it’s best to have sunlight brighten your room instead of artificial bulbs. Windows, skylights, and the natural sunlight they allow in help you stay connected to the outside world. It doesn’t just help to make your home office environment more pleasant but also affects your mental well-being in a positive way.

Upgrading your home office can help you work in a better environment and stay more comfortable. However, workers often tend to overwork themselves at home since they lose track of time. Apart from the above-mentioned upgrades, consider setting an alarm to take breaks.   

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