Tips And Tricks To Work With Google Docs Like A Pro

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Are you working with Google Docs? Do you think it is rather simple to use? Well, it is. But only if you are aware of various options that will help you get more work done with fewer efforts. You just need to embrace the right options at the right time.

So, here is how to work with Google Docs like a pro:

Create a shortcut and quickly open a new document

Do you know how to open Google Docs like a pro? While the usual step is to visit the Google Docs home and Click+ to open the new document, there is a shorter and quicker version to choose from. All you need is to type docs or doc. new on any browser. If you are already logged on to any Gmail account, the document will open from that account. But if you are logged on to several accounts, it will ask which specific account you must choose to log in.

Adding more fonts

When you open a new document on Google Docs, you will have over 20 different fonts to choose from the dropdown list. But do you know that there are dozens of more typefaces and fonts to choose from in the same dropdown list? To open those fonts, you need to open the document and click on the fonts from the left part of the editing toolbar. When the list of fonts appears, you need to click on more fonts and access the additional options.

Access the templates

You need not always start from scratch when using Google Docs. Be it for writing a resume or a business letter, you will get a template for all. You can access templates for almost all your business needs. You can choose from multiple templates to meet your requirements. If you did not know about this feature of Google Docs, you have probably overlooked the option. Search for this option at the top of the Google Doc homepage and click on the top right to browse through the options.

Creating or removing the header

Headers and footers prove useful when creating Google Docs with several pages. For instance, you need to create a header including the page number, the document title, or both of them on every page. When creating a header on Google Docs, you need to double-click on the top of the pages and type the header text.

Create a folder

Google Drive stores the documents on the cloud many people use a similar drive account for sharing files. But you may find it difficult to organize the documents. If you want to store the files safely and neatly, create a Google Docs folder for your team.

Using the research tool

The research tool is one of the significant components of Google Docs and needs online research. It will allow you to research and use images and information online without leaving the document. So, you can get rid of clicking back and forth between tabs.

Google Docs pack plenty of options only if you want to know how to move around. Although you may not be familiar with all the options here working your way will help you make the most of these features.

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