7 Tech Tricks and Tips You Must Give a Try

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Tech Tricks

Not all gadgets have manuals offering pro tips or some cool features. While you get over them with regular practice, some of you might also feel clueless about those features. The truth is that most of you must be in love with those cool tech tricks and tips and know how to apply them.

So, here are some popular technology tips and tricks you can apply for a wide range of tools and programs.

  1. Reopening a tab you have closed in the browser

  2. It is a common thing you face all the time when working in a browser. You often work with a dozen tabs on the browser and close one tab accidentally. Don’t worry as you can open the browser’s history and access the tab from there. It’s damn easy. All you need is a couple of strokes to open the browser.

  3. Sharing a YouTube video at a preferential point

  4. If you have a YouTube video to be shared at a specific point, there is a link you can use to reach that moment. Is that all? No, but you need not do much than click the share button present below the video and view the checkbox present below the link. You can view the time at which the video stopped. Now, choosing the time is your call. Once you pick the time, copy the link and share it on a social media channel.

  5. Use your phone as a security cam

  6. Are you craving a security system? Do not go into another investment. Just use your desktop, laptop, phone, or tablet and turn them into a security camera with ease. This might be one of the latest tech tips you may crave if you are cash-strapped to buy a camera.

  7. Find content easily

  8. Don’t you often find it frustrating to search through millions of results on Google?  You can cut that down in a jiffy. Want to know how? Search a single site using Google’s site and the website you want to search, and it is easy.

  9. Cropping the screenshot

  10. Taking a screenshot is something that you often do but it feels weird when it captures more than what you need. If you do not want to reveal too much in the screenshot, cropping it is the right solution. Use the Snipping Tool in Windows 10 and drag the screenshot to discard whatever you want. If you are a Mac user, press the Command, Shift, and 5 to do the snipping thing.

  11. Unsending an email sent on Gmail

  12. Suppose you send an email and realize later that it has been sent to the wrong recipient. Search for some popular tech tips and you will feel happy to learn several new things. For Gmail, you need to reshuffle a setting to pause the email delivery by about 30 seconds. Thankfully if it is this much to realize the mistake, you are all good. But beyond that, you may need one memory jogger.

  13. Searching through Google Photos made easy

  14. How does it feel when you fail to figure out that perfect picture from a previous trip? If it is not recent, it will not feature on Google Photos right away. Just type the name of the place or a common word associated with it and picks that image. It may not be the perfect one but certainly useful. The Tech Trendz is the website where you will come across a flurry of the latest tech trends or tips that matter.

Are you a tech frenzy person looking forward to grabbing some of those tips that are hard to find elsewhere? Here are a few smart tech tips that you wish you wish you would have learned before.

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